Silver Doubl Grand Champion Pride of Eire Life of Riley


Delighted to announce that Riley is the 2nd Best Entire Cat in New Zealand 2016 Awarded by New Zealand Cat Fancy.

Riley's Show days maybe over now, but he is still a showman in his pen. He loves attention and is such a big cuddly man.

Riley is now a big boy and is enjoying his new Stud life. He is the son of Candy and Murphy. He has lovely big rosettes and such a playful nature. He loves to sit on my lap and purr his life away. We have had some beautiful big kittens from him.

Riley done really well in the show ring and has now made it to Silver Dbl Grand Champion. In Riley's first show and the very first ring, he was placed first. This was a good sign for shows to come, just check out his achievements below.

It's Paddy's turn in 2017 to take on the show circuit so Riley gets to stay with his ladies all the time. When you come to view kittens we like to take people into Riley's abode so they can feel and see how big the Male Bengals get. You will be amazed at how such a big boy is also a big pussycat


Brown Rosetted




Katpurradice Murphy


Zuluspirit Crazy Heart


  • 2016 NZCFNational Awards- Top Ten Cats October 1 2016 — 2nd Best Entire Shorthair Entire Cat in New Zeanad
  • Gyserland Cat show, Cambridge July 24 2016 — Peoples Choice and became a ***Silver Dbl Grand Champion***
  • Metropolitan Cat Club March 19 2016 — Best Shorthair Entire Cat. Gaining his new title Double Grand Champion
  • Hamilton Cat Club July 12 2015 — ******Supreme Best in Show and Supreme Shorthair*******
  • Auckland Cat Show September 27 2015 — 3rd Best in Show for Shorthair
  • Auckland Cat Show April 24 2016 — Best Shorthair Entire Cat.
  • NZCF Annual Awards December 1 2015 — Shorthair Entire Cat- Eigth Place in New Zealand. (not bad considering he only started gaining points from 2 shows)